package util

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Type Members

  1. case class DataFlowOutput(kind: analysis.FlowSensitiveAnalysis.Analysis.Value) extends OutputKind with Product with Serializable

    Output kind for a dataflow analysis (named according to the analysis).

  2. class DotArrow extends DotElement

    Represents an edge between two nodes in a Graphviz dot file.

  3. class DotDirArrow extends DotArrow

    Represents a directed edge between two nodes in a Graphviz dot file.

  4. abstract class DotElement extends AnyRef

    Super-class for elements of a Graphviz dot file.

  5. class DotGraph extends DotElement

    Represents a Graphviz dot graph.

  6. class DotNode extends DotElement

    Represents a node in a Graphviz dot file.

  7. final case class Logger(tag: String, level: Level) extends Product with Serializable

    A logger.

  8. case class OtherOutput(kind: OutputKindE.Value) extends OutputKind with Product with Serializable

    Other output kinds (for other processing phases than the actual analysis).

  9. sealed trait OutputKind extends AnyRef
  10. class TipProgramException extends RuntimeException

    Exception throw in case of an error in the given TIP program.

Value Members

  1. object IDGenerator

    Generator for fresh node IDs.

  2. object Log

    Basic logging functionality.

  3. object MapUtils

    Implicit classes providing convenience methods for maps.

  4. object Output

    Basic outputting functionality.

  5. object OutputKindE extends Enumeration

    Different kinds of output (determine output file names).